Cleaning up the Isar


Last Saturday, a group of mountainbikeriders from the Alpine club
helped to clean up a part of the riverside walking and riding tracks.
It felt really good to do something for the common good. But man, I will never understand why people leave their rubbish behind or pee in the bush and most of the times, leave a tissue to mark the spot... Either bury it deep enough, burn it or take it with you. Forrest ethics is something, most people don't have.


Just googled my name... and found this one, puplished on the web in 'Australian Cyclist', 2009:

Want to know a secret? - Australian Cyclist

"All my experience is based on learning by doing, watching other riders doing and of course talking to riders. It all comes down to ‘work in progress', I am still learning a lot." Alex KiendlAlex has made a name for herself in solo enduro racing. Last year she capped a very successful season with an outstanding win at the Scott 24-Hour Australian Championships. She states openly that she has been fortunate to receive advice from some of the best riders and coaches, but considers herself something of an autodidact. 
By taking instruction from other riders she has been able to improve not only the demanding aspect of technical riding, but also the unseen but no less important aspects of food preparation and general set-up at transition. So, Alex's advice to any aspiring enduro rider is to watch and listen to others, but learn by doing.

sigh.....good old days....


Bike-holiday: Travelling from La Spezia/Italy to Marseille/France

Combing all the activities I love so much: bike riding, travelling, meeting people and getting to know different cultures: what more to ask for a damn good holiday!


My answer to the non ridable tracks(due to ice and snow) - Gotta love snowboarding in those mountains!!!!
Love it!


24hrs solo MTB Worldchampionships 2010!!! Done!

Last minute decision to participate in the
24hr solo Mountainbike Worldchampionships in Canberra/Australia

3.10. - decision to book ticket to Australia, without any training!!!
4.10. - ticket booked, australian friends organized to help out, bike packed
5.10. - train to Frankfurt Airport and off I go
7.10. - arriving into Melbourne
8.10. - flying up to Canberra
9.10. - Andy's surprise visit from Germany!!!! He is the man!!!
9.-10.10 - racing for 24hrs - 11th position in Elite without training!!!
11.10.    - driving back to Melbourne, can hardly walk on my right foot
12.-19.10.  - catching up with friends-time.
phewwww...... that was a short, crazy trip into Australia

I had an awesome time, I even surprised myself with such spontaneous action.
Thanks for everybody making it possible for me to race the WCS.


no time to write

yep, I am back from the torture to cross the german/italian Alps.
And unfortunately, I haven't posted any report yet.
Busy applying for jobs and driving around the country for job interviews.
I just didn't have the sereness to sit down and write something. Still waiting for the photos, but as soon as I got them, I will at least post some nice pics for you to get an idea of the Transalp


First stage has been cancelled

''For the first time in the history of the Transalp, a stage of the world’s hardest mountain bike stage race had to be cancelled. Due to the bad weather conditions with heavy rainfall in the start town Mittenwald and partly snowfall in higher altitudes with already 0 °C at the Karwendelhaus a safe run of the course to Reith im Alpbachtal could not be guaranteed....''

Unfortunately I didn't pack my winter equipement...damn!Fingers crossed the weather will be better tomorrow and we won't freeze to death.

Instead I had a nice piece of the world famous 'Sachertorte' in one of those cute austraian 'Kaffeehausern'.....yummy! So far it has been fun and we had lots of laughs.

Its been great to meet the australian crew(Craig, Hans & wife, Naomi and Andrew), which are participating in this race. I spent the first evening with them getting entertaint with bavarian 'Schuhplattler'.


Crossing the Alps from the 18.-25th

Yep, here we are - time has come to face the pain. HURTFEST!
A long awaited race - The Jeantex-bike-Transalp race is up this Saturday until next Saturday.
I am going to leave home tomorrow to get down to Mittenwald, near the Alps.
If you are interested, check out the daily updates: http://www.bike-transalp.de/englisch/
We are starting as Team 'Schwarzfahrer 2' in the mixed categorie, but I can tell you now that my preparation for the climbs has been cero....
I was very much consumed by preparing my portfolio and send out job-applications. The job hunt takes all my time.
But most important for this race is to enjoy the mountain view, the social character and to finish without injury.
If I find the time and nerves, I will update the blog during the race stages.

And there it is...my new bike!
First tested near Andy's hometown, which is/was once famous for coal-mining. I am exactly standing on the tip of a heap of stones, which was constructed after the mining-industrie break down, in order to 'recultivate' the area for recreational activities. It is now a nice place to enjoy a stroll....or bike-ride with a view over the area.


My new bike.....yeah baby

Giant Anthem Advance Carbon...in red/black. Should take a picture soon and post it on the blog...
Believe it or not, but it is a really nice bike that knows when it should performas a dualsuspension and when it should be a hardtail.


120km of beautiful scenery

I did my first MTB racing test in Germany, riding(not really racing) a Marathon, about 90km from my home-town.
Wasn't sure if I will be able to comfortably finish 120km off-road, but it turned out to be no problem, just a long day on the bike.

The Marathon was the highlight of the SYMPATEX BIKE Festival and very well organised. Riders can still chose during the race, weather to race the distanc of 50,90 or 120km.
A sunny day, my nice new bike(later more on that) and fresh legs made it a very pleasant day. Ended up spending more than 7h30min on the bike (but really, I took my time...eating, drinking, looking, smiling) coming in on 9th position.
The only downside was that back in Australia at a race like that, I was used to meet many people that I know, but here I met only 2!
Well, it's a start....